Martin's Whisky Collection


This is a small website created to demonstrate the capabilities of Content Hub One. In order to do so, I decided to expose my collection of Scotch Whisky with a listing page and details pages.
In order to present my collection, I employed a model that was not mandatory to be a human. Cats are historically central to whisky production: where there’s barley, there are mice. And mice, as any keen observer of wildlife will tell you, breed like, er, rabbits. Answer: introduce an agile feline or two to keep the population in check.
Over the years, most distillery cats have been content to remain in the background, happily wiping out swathes of the rodent population in return for the odd saucer of milk and a reserved place in the warmth of the stillhouse.
In this demo example, I show you only 9 items mostly due to the platform limitations, but Telegram users can view my whole whisky collection presented here , alternatively, you can download a ZIP archive with all 50 photos of my whisky collection presented by my lovely cat model called Lynxy.